Franchisee Testimonials

See and listen to what actual franchisees have to say about the advantages of being part of the CertaPro team.


Painting Business Franchise Testimonials - SupportI have more support than I thought would be provided. I have access to the training team, my assigned support GM, and all of the corporate office’s marketing team. There are no walls to prevent me direct access and ask for advice and offer my thoughts. Feedback is welcomed – begged for – by the corporate office.

Sheri Osburn – Augusta, GA


GuenettePaul-101One of the great things about being part of the CertaPro family is the ability to leverage the strong Marketing Department. Whether it be the “on the ground” support of the Regional Marketing Managers throughout the year, the disciplined annual planning process including webinars and breakout sessions at the conference, or the great support of our grass roots marketing strategies. We have the ability to position ourselves in a  dramatically superior fashion relative to our competition

Paul Guenette – London, ON

Systems & Tools

Painting Business Franchise Testimonials - System & ToolsIn my opinion, the operational systems and procedures are what gives our competitive advantage. This coupled with the professional consultative service make us the most professional in the industry.

Richard Webber – Morristown, NJ

Franchisor Relationship

Painting Business Franchise Testimonials - Franchisor RelationshipCorporate has built a very trusting and collaborative environment between franchisees which is invaluable to our local learning and development.

David Barron – Ottawa, ON

Franchise Financial Opportunity

Painting Business Franchise Testimonials - Financial OpportunityThis business model is scalable to very large levels without having to purchase more units. This is good for all levels of investors! The franchisor is also flexible in allowing franchisees to operate additional non-related businesses that help build financial value to the individuals as well as synergy among business units and quality of life.

Matt Hefter – Milwaukee, WI


*These are Average Gross Sales for US CertaPro franchisees who were in operation for at least 12 months in the years listed. All figures are based upon information provided to CertaPro by US franchisees, who operated a CertaPro business for the full 12 months of the respective year, including those that are certified to perform commercial services. Some franchisees own more than one territory. The information for the respective period January 1 through December 31, 2009 (28.7% were at/above the average), January 1 through December 31, 2015 (28.1% were at/above the average)