How does CertaPro® determine how big is a territory?

CertaPro® gathers demographic information and then designates specific zip codes to form a territory based on single-family dwelling units and average income levels, among other factors.

Will I have to hire salaried employees?

The rate and amount of salaried employees an owner will hire is determined mostly but the rate at which you want to scale your business. Most owners begin by hiring an Office Associate and a Residential Sales Associate as they start to scale the business.

How many crews will I have on staff?

CertaPro® has a critical path to help you determine what infrastructure is needed at different levels of volume, so you scale profitably!

Does CertaPro® provide health insurance to its franchise owners?

No, insurance is purchased on an individual basis.

How long is the CertaPro Painters® training program?

You will have two one-week training sessions at the corporate headquarters in Oaks, PA (near Philadelphia). Training consists of a combination of classroom, video, online and field learning as well as Pre-Calls/Webinars. The Pre-Calls will occur before the training sessions at the corporate office. Our corporate trainer will take you through the classroom and virtual training, while your Development General Manager will support you after you start operating. Typically, you will work with your Development General Manager over the phone and through field visits over the next 18-24 months.

How long is the CertaPro® franchise agreement?

The CertaPro® franchise agreement is for a period of 10 years. Before expiration, each franchisee is given the opportunity to renew and sign a new franchise agreement.

What kind of vehicle do I drive?

Typically, each franchisee drives a Pick-up, SUV, or full-sized van.

Where do I buy my equipment?

You will purchase most of your items needed for a first year business from a local paint supplier such as Sherwin Williams.

How long before I have an office outside of my home?

Having an office space for your business is up to you.  As owners begin to scale, by adding office associates, there tends to be a greater need for an office space but it is not mandatory.

How will I attract customers?

Leads are generated for your business in several ways. Internet, Previous  Customers , Word-of-mouth, and Direct Mail are among the top methods for attracting customers.

Who owns CertaPro Painters®?

Our parent company is FirstService Brands, which also owns BrandPoint Services, TeleLink Services (TLS), California Closets, Handyman Connection, Paul Davis Restoration, Pillar-to-Post, Floor Coverings International, and College Pro Painters.

I do not know how to paint. In fact, I don’t like to paint.

Good. We seek assertive individuals who possess leadership, tenacity, attainment, introspection, and precision. This opportunity is about organization building and scaling a large business. This is not about picking up a paintbrush; it’s about running a professionally managed business.

What if my area has pages and pages of painters in the phone book?

That is good. This means you have a very strong market with a lot of demand. Remember, you are taking market share from your competition when you begin your franchise. The more fragmentation that exists, the more opportunity for you.

Do I need a license?

In most cases you do not, however, it varies state by state.

Is CertaPro Painters® service competitive in the market?

Our targeted customers are seeking value and are not driven only by price. Of course, they want a fair price for our services based on the value they perceive to be purchasing when selecting CertaPro®. Most of us do not purchase services or products based on price alone. CertaPro® delivers “Certainty®” to the customers at a competitive price.

What is GAF?

This is CertaPro®’s General Advertising Fund, which is used to build and support the CertaPro Painters® Brand on a national and regional basis level.

I already have a laptop computer. Can I use that?

No. You will be required to purchase the approved tablet/PC so your system and hardware are completely compatible with our programs and software.